This is me and Rhonda Houchin in the dressing room with the Ohio Express. (Chewy Chewy Chewy)(Yummy Yummy Yummy) all that bubble gum stuff. Probably 68 or 69. I spent 2 to 3 days a week at the go cart track,as Don Holt and dad where good friends as you know.Dad would race every night if they had them. I spent many summer days working around the track and the barn. I knew every inch of that place. Joanie,Don's younger sister and I would always work doing odd jobs for Don. I got many free snacks and drinks down stairs out of the coke dispensors. It use to be fun to get up on the stage and act stupid. I remember helping as a kid Don,dad and others replacing the wood floor. I can still remember standing on the benches facing the go cart track inside the barn and raising the flip up wooden windows and watching the races all night.I remember putting some of the records back up on the walls or changing them as a chore.I wish I would have paid more attention to the music and artist that came through. It was just an everyday thing for me back then. I was there so much I didn't have the appreciation I have today.I wish I wood have been into photography back then.

Recognize anyone?
My Daughter"Who also plays left-handed guitar in a ROCK-A-BILLIE & JASS BAND" asked me what year it was when I saw you guys play at a place called"The Whiteland Barn" in Whiteland'Indiana in the early"60's"? I saw you guys & I've been playing my "STRAT" & "JASSMASTER" from that day till now! I even played your toons over in Viet-Nam at the E.M. Clubs. I've got about every one of your songs & I play just about all of them. I want to thank you for being a very,very big & wonderfull part in my life.If I wouldn't have heard you that night I might be playing Jhon Tesh music-Ha-Ha anyway, Thanks,& GOD BLESS From GuitarMAN007@WEBTV.COM
Can't begin to tell you how many times I appeared at Don Hohlt's
"Whiteland Barn" It was alway a gas, that's for sure. Anytime I was in town, I had this standing invitation to bring my guitar and get up the there with Bob Carrie and "The Dawnbeats" or "Keetie & The Kats" and do my thing. Wonderful memories and great times.
Here's a couple of pics for ya!
Thanks and God Bless!                          RONNIE HAIG
Just in April 15, 2007
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Photos from the Barn sent by Larry Goshen
Jack Morrow fo WIBC
Jerry Siefert
Outside at the Whiteland Barn, Inc.
How many of you still have your Senior Cords?
Notice the Jive Kennel in Columbus on my pants
Thought you might like to see these since I sent you the article on Sunday nights Jive Kennel V.S. Whiteland Barn.
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