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Whiteland Barn Reunion June 18th, 2010

by Ronald VanLandingham on 06/22/10

WOW!  It finally happened.  This was such a great success because of so many people.  First of all I want to thank God for allowing us to live in a free country where we are can control our own lives.

  The Sud's put out such a physical effort to put this together.  What a fantastic bunch of people to be around, and shame on you if you don't support them when they have events. I don't know where "The Vlasics get their energy, but they created such a great atmosphere with such a broad horizon of music, from about every era.  This was first class on every level.  Met so many classmates from yesteryear and it was just plain fun trying to guess who was who.  It had been almost 50 years for some of us. 

 Keetie couldn't make it but I know from talking to him his heart was there.  Bet we'll see him next year.  A guy came by and said he played drums for Bill Haley and the Comets and asked to set in on one song, but the weather wouldn't cooperate.  The Monograms came by and sang one song, an oldie "So Fine". 

 Somewhere in these 60 some pictures you will find a snapshot of one of The Sud's tenderloin.  Are you kidding me?  I didn't think they made a bun that big.

 Of course Don Hohlt was constantly surrounded by a lot of people and I am sure it pretty much wore him out.  Portia Flake came up from Florida and (excuse my recall) another fella was in from California.  I can't remember the last time I heard so much laughter and seen so many smiles.  And yes, they were jitterbugging at the end of the night.  It's actually called shagging in the Carolinas.  PLEASE leave your thoughts and share your memory of that evening on this blog post.  If you have any pictures, send them to:   See ya Soon, Ron


by Ronald VanLandingham on 05/29/10

I just wanted to take this time to remind everyone coming to the Whiteland Barn Reunion that the "The Suds Car Club" are going to great lengths to made this a fun event.  They are building a stage for the Vlasics to perform on and for special guest speakers.  They had to clear and maybe even pay for a permit and take care of traffic control and security.  So much work and because I know these folks Larry and Debbie VanLandingham and the rest of the crew, they will make magic happen.  These people are first class and dedicated.  So here is what I am asking, please refrain from bringing coolers and alcoholic beverages as this is a time to reminice and have some good clean family fun, laugh, cry and create some great memories.  The Suds should be the only place to get your food and some great refreshments.  This is how you support their efforts and show your appreciation.  It might take a few moments to get your order, who knows, but it will be well worth it.  This is the first of hopefully many more Whiteland Barn Reunions and we need to represent well.  When you see one of the Suds member, please go up to them and thank them.  Again thank you Suds, Larry and Debbie for what I know is a tiring and dedicated effort.

Whiteland Barn

by Ronald VanLandingham on 05/26/10

Who was your favorite band and why?

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New pictures posted June 23, 2010 of Reunion from Dawn Winzenread.  Pictures may be a lot larger when you click on them, if so scroll down to bottom right hand corner and click on close.

Don Hohlt and the Monograms
Dawn Phillips and John Mandabach with Katzass(car).
Darin & Beth Phillips (Keetie's son).
Don Hohlt & Larry Vanlandingham in the back ground
The Hohlt Family-Don, Billy, Robert & Joan

Keetie and the Kats "Way Out"